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Our Mission

Edge Pack is the leading provider of innovative protective packaging solutions for industrial and commercial markets worldwide, delivering products and services through a strategic distribution network to ensure that our customers’ products get to market safely, economically and environmentally responsibly.

Our Profile

Edge Pack Solutions is a leading manufacturer of protective packaging systems for a wide variety of industries; perishables, processed foods and beverage, metals, chemicals, lumber, steel, Pharma, textiles, solor, refractories and a variety of manufactured goods.
Edge Pack, has consistently delivered innovative products and solutions to its’ customers. We are the leading Indian producer of corner protectors located in hyderabad, India which is centralised to offer a constant supply and quick delivery.

  • Recognized leader in protective packaging systems
  • Centralised manufacturing facilities ensure a constant supply and minimal delivery times
  • A diverse product line provides solutions for all types of applications and environments
  • Integrated manufacturing, sales and customer service operations offer quick response times
  • In-house testing center and an ISO 9001:2015 certified packaging company
  • All products made of bio-degradable content and also can be recycled

Our Products

Edge Protector

Corner boards consists of multiple layers of laminated, recycled paperboard that are formed into a 90º angle. The product functions as in-transit protection, load stabilization, increased stacking strength support for products,the edges on corners, tops, and bottoms of boxes.

OD Protector

One leg of the CornerBoard is punched in U (or) V shape to give relief and to enable the CornerBoard to take the circular shape of a paper reel or aluminum coil or a steel coil etc. This OD protector protects the edges of a circular reel from outer diameter edge damages

ID Protector

Inner Diameter protectors are also cut to enable it to take the shape of the inner diameter of the coil / product. The ID protectors help the inner edge of the product from getting damaged when handled by a forklift or sling or ‘C’ hook of a crane.

Customized Protectors

Customer can choose color on the top layer, Weatherguard, and printing are additional add-on features. But it should have minimum quantity. for more details you can feel free to contact us.

PP Straps

PP box straps are known for for it features like durability, tear resistance, chemical resistance,high strength. PP box straps rolls are widely appreciated by various industries like auto parts manufacturing companies, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and many more.

24/7 Support

We will give support 7 days per week, 24 hrs per day.

Faq Question

Yes, We can provide various thickness, leg lengths and product length.

Yes, we can supply printed anglre bords, OD/ID protectors and PP straps.

Yes, we can manufacture virious colord products based on your requirements.

It will be completely depends on your requirement, since we are manufacturing fully customized products


We are manufacturing paper based Angle boards/ Edge protectors/Corner boards, ID/OD protectors, PP Straps & Taps. We are becoming Leading Paper based edge protector manfacturers


Our products are not in a fixed size/ lengths. we can provide our products from 25mm to 100mm as leg lengths, 2.5mm to 8mm thickness up to 5meters length. we are also not sticked to single color, so that custome can choose his own color.

We can also manufacture printed products. So that customer can get his own logo/name on that product.


We have high configuration equipment, we can supply upto 40,000 meters/day.

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Welcome to our Edge Pack Solutions

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